Loft Conversion and Interior Refurbishment , Whirlow , Sheffield

The clients wanted to address the problems they had with an existing loft conversion . When the house was bought the loft had already been converted but without much thought or consideration to maximising the space available. The loft was accessed by a ” hit and miss ” kit staircase which was neither secure or safe for their daughter to use, and there was not enough room in the existing conversion to accommodate an en-suite .

Since buying the house they had already revamped the kitchen and built out at the back and this was done in a very contemporary style and our brief included looking at the rest of the house to match up with what had already been completed. The internal doors and staircase were renewed , additional ensuite added to the front bedroom and upstairs the new loft redone with including a full gable extension . The new master bedroom includes a modern shower room and balcony window to maximise views and daylight.

We oversaw the whole job on site and prepared a full specification for finishes and fittings. The end result is a truly modern home, in fact the adjoining neighbours decided after seeing what space could be achieved to go ahead with converting their loft and appointed us to prepare plans for them too!







“We needed an architect to ‘hold our hand’ through the whole process

from design and planning, to issuing tenders and instructing builders

to advice on finishing touches.The results far exceeded our expectation.”




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